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Our experienced sales team competently accompany you through the entire process for requirement. As an experienced IT and telecoms equipment supplier, we quickly and reliably process every requirement that proves difficult and time consuming to map for you. This will increase your efficiency and make a significant contribution to reducing your CAPEX/OPEX and ultimately help you be more productive in your day to day business.

We at Telecoms Traders strive for a long and reliable partnerships with all our customers, we therefore focus on a sustainable customer satisfaction process. As a Telecoms Traders customer, you will not only benefit from high quality telecoms spares and network hardware components, but also from a comprehensive after-sales service.

Your one-stop sourcing agent and telecommunications equipment supplier for second user fixed-line, mobile telecoms spare parts and network hardware components. Our core objective is to support telecom operators, ISP’s and carriers reduce their yearly network maintenance costs by providing an alternative source of procurement that is inexpensive, safe and reliable than the usual channels. Telecoms Traders are more than just another post-warranty telecoms hardware vendor, Telecoms Traders are your trusted telecommunications equipment supplier partner. We work alongside your team to develop valuable solutions for all your telecoms challenges.

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The evolution of telecommunications networks is placing a significant strain on telecoms operators looking to update to a more efficient and cost-effective network, but still burdened by the millions of customers still using legacy systems. Telecom operators will often need to decommission their existing legacy networks as they are upgrading the technology to improve both performance and increase the capacity. With our established and proven capability in purchasing and stocking multi-vendor used telecommunications equipment, Telecoms Traders offers operators a risk-free alternative, with substantial reductions in network support costs. Telecoms Traders multi-vendor spare parts management solutions cover everything, from inventory management, warehousing, and logistics to ensure you have the parts you need, when you need them. Network hardware components sourced by Telecoms Traders is typically is significantly less than the original OEM price – so your business could make significant savings by partnering with us. We love combining our core capabilities in innovative ways to build-up compelling customer solutions


From the sale of the smallest module, to fully configured systems, Telecoms Traders can fulfil all your requirements for top quality Used & Refurbished Networking Hardware. Refurbished telecoms offer the perfect balance between cost control, maximum compatibility and flexible telecoms infrastructure growth.

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Installations, while maintaining network integrity and the value of your equipment. Telecoms Traders are experts in managing field services for our customers. Our professionally trained engineers and technicians have the ability to perform field services on a global basis. For further information about our de-installation & decommission services please contact us for a free quotation.

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Telecoms Traders strongly believe in a green and sustainable environment. We will recycle and redeploy as much hardware in as many networks as possible to help towards an environmentally friendly future. Telecoms Traders are passionate about engaging in sustainable business.

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Optical Transceivers

A small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver is a compact, hot-swappable, input/output transceiver used in data communication and telecommunications networks. SFP interfaces between communication devices like switches, routers and fiber optic cables, and performs conversions between optical and electrical signals.

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Sell Telecoms Equipment

We have the ability to assist your company and help sell your surplus telecom equipment. If you are in the market to buy telecom equipment, Telecoms Traders is a great source as well. Simply fill out the form below and one of our Telecoms Traders representatives will be in contact with you shortly.

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Refurbished Telecoms

Refurbished telecoms equipment offers the perfect balance between cost control, maximum compatibility and flexible telecoms infrastructure growth. More importantly still, your comms system will align perfectly with current business strategy.

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Ensuring our customers maintain that essential element of value is one of our key objectives. Telecoms Traders used and refurbished telecoms equipment typically costs between 60% to 90% less than the original manufacturer list price, providing immediate and effective cost savings in maintaining and supporting infrastructure. We pride ourselves in helping our customers manage and maintain their networks with quality refurbished multi-vendor telecoms equipment. No matter which telecoms system your business uses, Telecoms Traders can help. Our network of suppliers stock a combined 7 million spares for all of the major vendors including Nortel, Marconi, Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson and many more.

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